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Baby Learnt A New Word
How did our child learn THAT word?!?
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Seen It a Million Times!

Little junior has just come home from school to Alice and Bob, and happily announces that he (Or just as commonly, she) has learned a new word! Alice and Bob are just excited to hear it. One of them bends down so junior can whisper it into their ear...

Oh My!

Yes, junior has learnt a new word alright. One of those words.

A staple of Dom Com's every where that is always Played for Laughs, with the younger the child, the funnier. Since this is common mostly in television shows, we never actually hear the word, and even if the child says it outloud, there will be a convient noise to cover it. From the parent's reactions, we know its bad.

The plot revolves mostly around the parents trying to find out where their little gift from above heard such a despicable word. Expect interrogations of older siblings, neighbors, friends, and even grandparents, if the parent is desperate enough.

In the end, it usually turns out it was the parent themselves who said the word unknowingly.

Related to From the Mouths of Babes, since the child is highly unlikely to know what the word actually means, and a subtrope of Innocent Swearing, though this trope is more about finding out how their child learned the new word.
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