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Pretty To Player Fan Conversion
Source says he is liked by everyone... Fans says he Likes everyone.
Tropeworthy? Needs Examples Better Name Already have?
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A character who is often made into The Casanova by fans. The stereotype is so common you believe it must be really strongly based in Canon. Except...

There is nothing like that there. At the most, there is some reference to him being handsome. Or to women being attracted to him. By why should he be attracted to everyone?


  • Sirius Black from Harry Potter. The books only describe him looking handsome in a photograph. Fanfics constantly feature him bringing a different girl home every night.
  • Aqualad from Teen Titans. Yes, the episode where he appeared did show him to be liked by the Titan girls, but there seem to be way too many fics featuring him as Really Gets Around.
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