Mechanics Spoil Story
A game mechanic clues the player into a plot twist.

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Role Playing Games
  • Clive Winslett in Wild ARMs 3 undergoes a 10-Minute Retirement, which does not appear to have any end to it. Well, except for the fact that the next dungeon has two paths at the start, one of which requires a tool only they can use.
  • Chrono Trigger starts selling a weapon type that none of your party members can equip at one point, and there is only one person in the game you know of that uses that weapon: Magus, spoiling the fact that there is a way to get them to join the party.
  • Only characters important to the story in the Suikoden titles have character portraits. As such, when a new character appears that has one, you know you either have to kill, defend or recruit them at some point.
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