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Justified Tutorial
The tutorial is actually needed by the character

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(I can't believe he doesn't know how to shop at a store. Are all aristocrats like this?)

Here it comes time show a tutorial of some sort. Normally, this is a very awkward moment, unless the skill is complicated enough to warrant teaching. However, the designers of the game decided to do something different, by weaving the explanation into the story.

Perhaps the character doing the asking Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training. Perhaps they're The Ditz, and need the instruction. Or perhaps they're a Fish out of Water or Living Relic, and come from a time or place so removed, that they aren't used to using Magitek, and instead only know about swords.

This, of course, is not limited to video games. Exposition takes the place of tutorial in other works, and this can be similarly explained away.


  • Gourry in The Slayers is an idiot, with a short memory and attention span to boot. So Lina has to explain everything even things about the country he grew up in!
  • Whenever the heroes come to a new island in One Piece anything that they are missing is explained. This is justified, on account of them being outsiders, and not knowing how things work locally.
  • The title quote from Tales of the Abyss comes after the hero, a pampered rich kid who never left his mansion complex, takes an apple from a shop and eats it, since where he was from, all food was free. So, yes, there literally is even to explain shops, because he doesn't understand it.
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