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Role-playing all along
A plot twist reveals that the player's "typical player behavior" had a particular in-character cause
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A twist that reveals that the player's behaviour in a game, which is usually following standard expectations of player behavior in the genre or in games in general, actually has an in-character cause and is a plot point.

  • In Bioshock, the player will follow mission instructions from the start of the game because this is the expectation of what a game player would do, but the PC is actually being mind controlled.

  • In Tsukihime, Ciel introduces herself with a backstory dump describing what the PC has "forgotten". Since this is a standard trope for introducing back story, the player will accept it - but actually she's lying and implanting the PC with a false memory.

  • In Slouching Towards Bedlam, the player begins as a human established in life and located in their office. The player will tend to play as a typical interactive fiction game, examining and experimenting with everything they see - only learning at the end that they were actually playing an alien consciousness newly arrived on earth and possessing the human in question, and that was WHY they were experimenting with everything.

  • In Spider And Web, the player's ability to experiment with different routes is eventually revealed to be the PC attempting to frustrate an interrogator by misdescribing what they have done.

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