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Hope Born in Despair
A baby girl is born in stressful times and named Hope; it's symbolic.
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In fiction, there are commonly stressful times and rising conflicts. After all, peace and harmony are boring.

During these stressful times, whenever a pregnant woman gives birth, the baby is often named Hope due to the hope that the child brought in a world filled with conflict. Bonus points if the delivery was long, late, or early. The hero will often be touched by the fact that something as innocent as a baby can still exist in this conflicted world.


  • In X-Men, the first mutant born after the mass depowering of the mutant race was named Hope. She's considered The Messiah of the mutant race

  • In Inheritance, after Eragon assists with a late birth, they name the baby Hope.
  • The Helmsman Saga has one born during the war.
  • Lord of the Rings has a male example. At a time when the War of the Ring is imminent and Middle-Earth is about to be assailed by the forces of Sauron, the son of the Ranger leader Arathorn is named Estel - "Hope". He later becomes better known as Aragorn.
  • There's a rare male example in the novel Comet Dis'aster by L.E.Vega...the baby boy named Hope is born to parents who hid in an underground bunker and ultimately becomes the head of La Résistance and overthrows the Complete Monster Big Bad by the end of the novel

Live-Action TV
  • In Raising Hope, the baby, after a stressful and long night, is named Hope.
  • Hope from Days of Our Lives was named such because her mother had leukemia when she was pregnant but survived to give birth and her cancer then went into remission.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Gabrielle was raped by the One True God and called the baby Hope, but when Xena was raped by the One True God, the baby was Eve.

  • Part of Hope's backstory in Urinetown. She was born around the time the drought started, before the draconian rationing measures, when times were toughest. She's in her early adulthood as the play begins.

Western Animation
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