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Simply put, control of gravity as a superpower.

We can have a huge paragraph detailing the amount of Artistic License - Physics and Fridge Logic this entails, but let's save that for later.

We really need this because people keep using Gravity Sucks as if it were this trope (you can probably find some more example if you check links to that trope), when it's really about inaccurately showing how gravity works.

Of note is that control of gravity is sometimes (it seem especially in Japanese media) associate with elemental control of darkness.

  • Deva path Pain in Naruto, who is able to manipulate gravity to use different techniques to push objects away from him (Shinra Tensei), pull them towards him (Bansho Ten'nin), or launch a black sphere that sucks in everything around it (Chibaku Tensei), but has to wait 5 seconds between each individual use.
  • The Yami Yami Fruit in One Piece, which is eventually eaten by Blackbeard, can make dark clouds which can use gravity to crush whatever they cover or suck anything into it.
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