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When a knifehand strike can litterally cut things in two
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There are heroes who prefer swords. Others who think Katanas Are Just Better. And then there are those who need neither. No, if they have to cut their opponent in tiny pieces they will just use their bare hands. Of course there will usually be some magic or Applied Phlebotinum behind this, but the idea is that they don't need any tool whatsoever. A swipe of their extended palm with jointed fingers, and the job is done. Alternately, the hand can be used as an unstoppable piercing weapon.

Note that an example doesn't qualify if the "hand" is an actual blade or spear. It must have the appearance of a normal fingered hand. Let it also be known that a Brick Break doesn't count as "cutting", even though it may look like it (it's just a shockwave splitting the concrete).

Compare Absurdly Sharp Blade, Laser Blade and Implausible Fencing Powers. For a defensive equivalent, see Bare-Handed Blade Block.


Anime And Manga:
  • In Naruto the Chidori technique in its basic form consists of concentrating lightning chakra in your hand and charge very fast to make it cut and pierce through anything. The Third Raikage has a similar technique, except he takes it to ridiculous levels.
  • Tao Pai Pai in Dragon Ball has toughened not only his hands and feet, but also his tongue, to the point he can pierce through anything and effortlessly kill enemies.
  • In Bleach, all of the Arrancars can do this as they have the ability to toughen their skin. Some shinigami practise form of hand to hand combat which allows them to perform both this and Bare Handed Blade Blocks if they're sufficiently more powerful than their target.
  • That's how Fuuma prefers to kill his victims in X1999 (impaling them through the chest).
  • Shinryaku! Ika Musume: Chizuru has this ability, but only demonstrates it on Squid Girl's tentacles.
  • Alucard from Hellsing cuts through a Death Dealer card and the holders arm with his hand
  • Fist of the North Star has a whole school that generally works upon this sort of work called Nanto Seiken. Most famous among them is side protagonist Rei, whose style literally cuts people into shreds.
  • In Baki the Grappler, Shinogi Kanno practices a fighting style that allows him to sever nerves with his fingertips, allowing him to cripple or blind his opponents.

Comic Books:
  • In the DC Comics series Hero Hotline, Diamondette has this power with her hands acting like diamond-hard knives. She's part-timeing as a hero for hire to pay for medical school, as she plans to become a surgeon.

  • In Casshern, there is a four minute action sequence in which the hero mows down an entire army of war robots. The first one is despatched by punching it through the heart using the artillery shell the hero has just caught in front of his own face. The second one has his head ripped off at the neck and is then bisected with a single vertical chop to the neck stump. It's as crazy as it sounds.
  • In John Carpenter's Vampires, the Vampire Lord at one point uses his bare hand to first jam it into a human's chest, then swings the arm in an upward motion to completely rip the poor victim in half.

  • Subverted in The Fifth Elephant; the assassin/aide Vimes is assigned on his diplomatic trip to Überwald appears to decapitate a bandit with his bare hands, but shortly afterwards it's revealed that he's really carrying a palm dagger.

Tabletop Games
  • D&D Epic Level Handbook includes feats that improve effectiveness of a character's (usually monk's) unarmed strike, culminating in giving it a vorpal effect.(instant kill by decapitation on a natural 20 critical hit.)
  • Forgotten Realms has the spell "Laeral's Cutting Hand", making the caster's hand work as a weapon equal to dagger +2.
  • 3rd Edition GURPS Supers. The Buzzsaw power allows the user's hand to vibrate at hypersonic speed, allowing it to cut through things and cause massive damage.
    • GURPS Supers supplement GURPS Wild Cards. The super villain Mackie Messer (AKA Mack the Knife) has this ability: his hands can cut through anything physical.

Video Games
  • This is how the titular character of Bayonetta cuts off the tentacles of Iustitia. Sadly you can't use that move during gameplay.
  • This is Yasha's weapon of choice in Asura's Wrath, by contrast to Asura's fists. As a bonus, he can even throw Sword Beams with them.
  • Devil May Cry 4: Dante did this to a slab of stone (and later, many slabs) when he acquired Gilgamesh (a set of supposedly non-sharp gauntlets and boots). Unfortunately, that only worked in a cutscene.

Western Animation
  • In Transformers Prime, Starscream kills Cliffjumper by impaling him through the chest with his hand.
  • Played for laughs in an episode of Futurama, when Bender the Do-Anything Robot makes his hand spin rapidly to mimic the function of a saw and cut a plank of wood. This is especially implausible considering that his three fingers are thick, cylindrical and wider at the ends, as poorly suited to cutting as anything imaginable.
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