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Penance Stare
An attack that uses a target's evil to kill them.
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Sometimes, an Anti-Hero who dabbles in Dark Is Not Evil or a villain will use an attack that turns the evil within a target's soul (or at least their past sins) as a means of inflicting damage. This can be very difficult to avoid as most of us do have some degree of evil within us. The Anti-Hero version bases the damage on how evil a person is while the villain version will simply dig deep into one's soul, able to pinpoint the smallest amount of evil present, and cause an Instant Kill no matter how otherwise pure the target is.

Many times, this attack will be invoked on someone with a pure heart will be subjected to this attack, proving useless. Other times, there will be other reasons that it proves to have no effect.

A specific form of Karmic Death because death is the most common result.


Anime and Manga
  • In Dragon Ball, there is a character named Devil Man, who, while not being distinctly a villain, uses the villainous variant. Needless to say, two attempts to use it on Goku during a fighting competition prove useless.

Comic Books

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