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Invulnerability Loophole
Immune to direct injury does not mean immune to defeat
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Often villains with Nigh-Invulnerability will be subjected to the overconfidence that there's no way the heroes can beat them. This could be due to superman-like invincibility but more often it's regeneration From a Single Cell.

So being immune to straightforward physical harm means you're utterly invincible right? Wrong! Due to their arrogance, these villains will often overlook more indirect approaches to defeat them. These include:
  • Biological failure such as poison.
  • Magic may be able to turn them into something useless if not erase them entirely.
  • Being trapped somewhere forever.

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  • In YuYu Hakusho when the Elder Toguro developed his regeneration, to being able to do so From a Single Cell, he's convinced he's invincible. Kurama defeated him by latching him to a tree that feeds off him while locking him in an illusion for eternity.
  • In Code Geass, when Charles had obtained immortality. The protagonist Lelouch defeated him by using his mind control powers on God to erase him from existence.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Garlic Junior wished for immortality, only to be chucked into his own dimensional prison a moment later.
  • In Ultimate X-men Sabretooth tries to overcome Wolverine's regeneration by drowning him. He is stopped, but presumably it would have worked.
  • One character in Rising Stars is immune to all injury (and has no sense of touch as a result). He is killed by slipping a plastic bag over his head while he sleeps.
  • Thurim from Requiem Chevalier Vampire was gifted with a Healing Factor by Dracula. However, when he rebelled, Dracula punished him by having him drawn and quartered for eternity.
  • Yami defeats Marik's invulnerable combo (keeping his god card protected by a regenerating slime monster that keeps coming back to life and lets him draw a card, which in turn increases the god's attack) in the Battle City arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! this way, by . Yami mind-controls the slime, which then resurrects on his side, forcing Marik to keep drawing until he runs out of cards.
  • Warcraft III has two minor cases: the paladin's divine shield makes him completely invulnerable, but this means the enemy is attacking the squishier units around him, leading to defeat if not used carefully. Similarly, the Shadow Hunter's ultimate spell makes every unit around him invulnerable but him, making him the only target for the enemy.
  • In Magic: The Gathering, defeating a player who has Platinum Angel or a similar "I can't lose/be destroyed" effect is all about finding and exploiting this trope.
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