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Title Dissonance

The title of a work and its tone do not match.

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One typically expects the title of a work to reflect the content, tone and style of the content of the work in question, whether it's by summarizing the plot (even to the point of giving away the ending), referring obliquely to the plot and theme of the work by way of classical reference or simply being a silly joke that relates to the story in some way.

This trope is when this does not happen.

Perhaps the work is dark and serious while the title refers to kittens and rainbows (or vice versa). Perhaps it's a Literary Allusion Title, except the allusion in question makes absolutely no sense in the content of the work. And so on.

Sub-tropes include:

Causes include: Publisher-Chosen Title, Completely Different Title and Market-Based Title.

Other Examples:


  • Sunrise in the Warrior Cats series. Judging by the title, one would assume that the book is peaceful or at least has a positive mood. Not so. It was a Publisher-Chosen Title, because they thought that the authors' Working Title, Cruel Season, would make the book seem too depressing - never mind that Cruel Season more accurately describes the content of the book.

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