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Talk to the Back
A character has his back to someone as they talk.
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Alice and Bob have a conversation, but instead of facing each other, Alice turns her back to Bob. Such turn of events can have several reasons:

Dramatic Downstage Turn is a subtrope wherein Alice additionally turns towards the audience for them to better see her emotions. Compare Contemplative Boss.


  • In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Anakin turns his back on Obi-Wan in their final conversation before the climactic battle, signalizing that he doesn't want to listen to him anymore.
  • In Star Trek, when young Spock hears his classmates approach from behind, he keeps his back turned to them while saying "I trust you have prepared new insults?" and only turns around once they have answered "Affirmative".

Video Games
  • The really tense moment between Lightning and Snow in chapter 11 of Final Fantasy XIII, when Lightning (who initially hated Snow for being an Idiot Hero--and for dating her dear little sister Serah, whom they are now trying to save) demands that he promises to make Serah happy. She cannot bring herself to say it in his face, but when he turns around to walk away, she grabs him and begins to talk.

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