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Hot Guys Are Bastards

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According to movies, TV and books, seriously good looking men will usually turn out to have character defects making them just short of the Antichrist. Can be a case of Truth In Television. Polar opposite of Beauty Is Good - originally a subversion of the trope, now has pretty much become a stereotype in itself. The Jerk Jock stereotype all grown up. In contrast, nerdy-looking or plain characters are usually nice.

Might happen because the authors are dealing with their own issues (ex-girlfriends or nerds). If it's the latter, the plain nice guy wins. If the former, then a fantasy idol who is an exception will be in the story.

Joe Bob Briggs discussed how you could tell the bad guy in thrillers. "For example, if you were watching the Lifetime, channel, it was always the handsome guy."

Examples - a large number of Jerk Ass or Jerkass Stu characters might be described as falling under this.

Live Action TV -

  • Sawyer on the first couple of seasons of LOST

  • Nathan Petrelli and Sylar throughout Heroes

Literature -

  • Joren of Stone Mountain in Tamora Pierce's Protector Of The Small books. Really, pretty much a Running Gag with this author.

Anime And Manga -

  • Griffith in Berserk is so Bishonen it hurts. He's also the major Big Bad of the series. As a possible example of this trope, there's one Nodwick strip in which a villainess explains her face (and gender) is always hidden because only hot evil chicks are allowed to show they're evil.

Western Animation -

  • The Beast in Disney's Beauty And The Beast, before his curse. And Gaston throughout.

  • An episode of Family Guy has Peter becoming a jerk after plastic surgery turns him into one of the beautiful people, because being handsome means that he can screw the rules.

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