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Government Test Subjects

You know, that thing where a person is being held by a governent/agency/megacorporation and is being tested on as a human labrat

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You wake up, Strapped To An Operating Table and you look around, everyone is wearing the same white coat, uh oh! You've been kidnapped by Aliens/the government/The illuminati for illict experiments! You've gotta get out of here and take the orginization down! Hey... cool you've now got these plot convient powers you didn't know about before... As this is a touchy subject, test subjects of any kind, unknowing or other wise should be listed with respect to The Rules of Catious Editing Judgement

(oh and feel free to either edit or add to this as need be, I know I am far from an infallibel writer, but, I at least know we dont have this after an exausting wiki search)
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