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A giant monster that resembles or acts like Godzilla.
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A writer/director/producer wants to include a scene in which Godzilla shows up for one reason or another. Maybe he's on some TV show the main characters are watching. Maybe they're filming a movie and he's one of the actors. Maybe he's actually smashing the building.

Just, one problem. The writer/director/producer can't actually get the rights to use Godzilla himself in the program. What does he do?

Why, create an Expy of Godzilla of course.

This is where a work of fiction includes a monster of sorts that either looks, sounds, or acts like Godzilla, but isn't due to copyright reasons. Often used in parody works. Bonus points for when the monster actually has "-zilla" at the end of the name.

  • One of the most (in)famous examples is the monster Jirass (Jiyras) from Ultraman. It was literally just an old Godzilla suit with a yellow frill added.
  • An episode of Duck Tales features a few characters watching a monster movie on TV. The monsters shown look very similar to Godzilla and Anguirus.
  • An episode of Pinky And The Brain featured a parody of Godzilla named "Gollyzilla".
  • Spoofed in a special episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The group was unable to review the American remake of Godzilla, and they weren't even able to say the monster's name either (they kept getting bleeped every time they said it). Crow takes matters into his own hands and produces his own movie called "Goshzilla", which is pretty much him smashing a toy iguana into some action figures.
  • During Olive The Other Reindeer, when Olive flies over Japan, a monster that looks like Godzilla can be seen.
  • An episode of Sonic X features a Godzilla look-alike that ends up being comically burnt.
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