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Training with the Villain

The protagonist gets his training as a hero from the bad guys, who are usually disguised.

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There's Eccentric Mentors, and then there's these guys.

Not really the most moral people around, some of them can still be quite useful as mentors to The Hero. Typically, these evil mentors are disguised in a manner that hides their true nature. Quite often, they get done in by the very hero(es) they trained.

Compare Broken Pedestal.


  • In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne is trained by the League of Shadows, a hidden cult dedicated to bringing justice into the world. His personal trainer, Henri Ducard, turns out to be none other than Ra's al Ghul himself.
  • Deconstructed in Megamind when the eponymous villain, bored half to death after defeating his archnemesis Metroman, decides to introduce a new adversary into his life. He trains unassuming cameraman Hal while disguised as Hal's "space dad". When he ambushes Hal later on after Hal becomes Titan and breaks the news that he was the one who trained him incognito, the roles are quickly reversed as Megamind is forced to stop Titan before he wrecks Metro City.
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