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Ironic Symbolism
The symbols that represent something are direct references to the things that it opposes
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It seems likely we would have this already, but I've never come across it.

This is when something - whether it be a company, a character or whatever - has something to represent them(usually a logo but doesn't necessarily have to be) that makes no sense representing them because it's a well known symbol of something they directly oppose.

It might be used to mock whatever it represents.


  • Satan worshipers are symbolized by an upside-down cross. A cross is a typically symbol of Jesus Christ. Partially justified being that they are wearing it upside down and pretty much backing up the theory of "mockery"
  • Three X's are a well known symbol of the straight edge lifestyle, unless you see them in the cartoon world in which they are typically marked on bottles of alcohol
  • Cm Punk From the wwe Enters to the theme music "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour. The song refers to a concept which punk as of lately has been fighting against: The higher powers of wwe who sing the praises of the things the company has to offer when in reality they are always missing the boat with what the fans really want. Punk if voicing against these authority's lately yet he enters to a music that references them(note that back when Punk was a heel, this music would have fit him without being ironic)
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