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Actor Cameo
An actor playing a monster or alien appears theTV show without the costume
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Shows involving aliens or other non-human creatures, sometimes feature the character appearing in normal human form for whatever reason-- i.e the actor without the costume or make-up, but as the same character.

I don't know if there's enough examples of this to make a trope.

  • On The Munsters, Herman is given plastic surgery after being hit by a car, since doctors assumed he was horribly mangled (in reality he was unharmed). The operation had him looking just like Fred Gwynne.
  • On Star Trek:Deep Space Nine," Sisko has an episode which causes him to think he's actually just a science-fiction writer in the 1950's who's simply dreaming'' that he's on a space station; meanwhile his friends and co-workers are all the alien cast of DS 9 in human form.
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