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Action Guy
(Omnipresent Trope) A male Action Hero
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NOTE: This is separable from Action Hero and Badass in that both pages specify that they are gender-neutral.

An Action Guy is a male character who solves problems through fighting. This kind of character is seen in every entertainment medium. This is primarily due to long-standing Double Standards relating to fighting being a man's job.

Because of the Double Standard of males being stronger than girls, most characters that do the fighting in most works are male. This is because that even though men are not action-oriented by default in the real world, most people are lead to assume that any person who is willing to solve problems physically is male. Due to gender stereotypes, women aren't instantly expected to be Badass; they are expected to be either a source of moral support and/or a Love Interest, but rarely a person who gets into a fight. Action Girls are often portrayed differently to males, commonly taking shots at how females aren't as frequently expected to kick ass as males are.

Even today, probably because of Most Writers Are Male, most Action Heroes in fiction are male. You'll see more females being either Distressed Damsels or behind-the-scenes workers. However, the onset of civil rights for women have made Action Girls slowly more common as time has passed. Also, the notion that guys are more willing to fight than girls are is sometimes portrayed in a negative light to emphasize that Women Are Wiser.

Contrast, obviously, Action Girl and Non-Action Guy. Sister Trope to Women Are Delicate.

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