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The South Had Better Guns This Time
What would happen if the Confederate States won the American Civil War?
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A work in the present day in which the South won the American Civil War the first time. [this trope's name]'s Sister Trope is Divided States of America, which is when the South lost the Civil War only to come back with a vengeance and win the second time around.

The reason for their victory could be as simple as a message reaching its destination or as insane as time-traveling racists bearing AK-47's. A work is in the [this trope's name] whenever the South won the first time through, which includes Historical Fiction war stories and Contemporary Fiction in an Alternate History.

Compare Divided States of America for the reasons above. As a subtrope of Alternate History, contrast other USA alternates as well."


  • If The South Had Won The Civil War is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • The Guns of the South, by Harry Turtledove, is a nice sci-fi twist on the trope. Time-traveling racists bring modern day weapons, and help the South win.
  • How Few Remain, also by Turtledove, diverges from normal history with this scenario: Special Order 191, containing important information about Southern troop movements, was NOT intercepted by the Union (thus, allowing the South to win). This story follows the lives of several characters, including Douglass Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Stonewall Jackson, during what is basically a second Civil War.
  • One that takes a totally different turn is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This book is completely true to its name. Not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the movie.

  • CSA: The Confederate States of America is a mockumentary exploring a version of this where the Confederates not only won the Civil War, but conquered the North as well. They turn into a full-on Evil Empire, imposing a thoroughly racist and misogynist government on the former United States and placing Latin America under an apartheid regime. Then they join the Axis Powers in World War II, and so on and so forth.

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