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Sailor's Ponytail
A low, short ponytail worn by sailors and swashbucklers.
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In times past, "long hair" for women meant long enough to sit on. "Short hair" for men, therefore, could get shoulder-length or longer. Sailors and other wanderers who spend long weeks away from ladies and barbers often wore low ponytails to keep their hair out of their way.

Characters who sport a sailor's pony tail are not necessarily Long Haired Pretty Boys, as their lengthy locks are not flowing and feminine. The Sailor's Ponytail is visual shorthand that indicates an adventurous and down-and-dirty character.

Ever-popular hair style and genre/setting indicator for the Wooden Ships and Iron Men.

Examples from media:

Anime and Manga


  • Jackie from the Bloody Jack books initially cuts all of her hair off to pull off the Sweet Polly Oliver that gets the plot rolling. As she gets older, she grows her hair out into one of these, partly because it's expected of "young men" and partly so she can switch back into a girl when she wants to.
  • Most of the sailor characters in The Liveship Traders, including the protagonist Althea, wear their hair this way as it's a fantasy version of Wooden Ships and Iron Men.
  • The ballad "Faithless Sally Brown" is about a young man who's Press-Ganged and finds that his girlfriend didn't wait for him when he gets back. The penultimate verse mentions he "chew'd his pigtail till he died". Read the poem here.

Live Action TV
  • Vast majority of officers in Horatio Hornblower wear ponytails. Some lower-deck characters sport this hairstyle as well, but some of them have short hair.

  • In a Great Performances production of Twelfth Night Helen Hunt as Viola/Cesario wears her hair like this, as does her brother Sebastian (whom she is modelling herself after as Cesario).

Video Games

  • In Girl Genius, Airman Higgs ("The Unstoppable" Airshipman Higgs) wears one of these. As airship units are treated as analogous to naval ones (though seafaring definitely exists in this setting), it certainly qualifies as a Sailor's Ponytail.

Real Life
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