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The Hare Dryer

Tropey? What have you got ther- Oh no! You killed Flopsy!

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This is a scenario commonly featured in works about an adorably rambunctious, but badly-behaved dog.

The dog comes home with something in its mouth. The family are horrified to discover that it's the neighbour's pet rabbit, dead and covered in dirt.

Rather than just confessing what happened, the family tries to cover it up. They spend a lot of time scrubbing the dead rabbit clean, blow-dry it, and then carefully sneak it back into its hutch. The neighbours will think Flopsy died peacefully in her sleep, right?

Only, it turns out that that that's exactly what happened. The rabbit died of natural causes, and the neighbours buried it in the backyard, where the family's dog found it. When the neighbours find Flopsy's glassy-eyed corpse sitting back in the cage, Hilarity Ensues.

The story originated as an Urban Legend, and has been referenced several times in fiction. This can also be crossed with the Dead Pet Sketch, resulting in the family deciding to replace the rabbit rather than just clean it up.


  • There's a story with this premise in the Paul Jennings short story collection Unbearable.
  • This is the entire plot of the children's book The Diary Of A Killer Cat (told from the cat's perspective).

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