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Tranquility Base
Scene on the surface of the moon is at or near Tranquility Base.
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The total surface area of the Moon is 37.9 million square kilometers: that is, if you were to spread the surface of the Moon out onto the Earth, it would cover an area of land larger than Africa, though not quite as large as Asia. But whenever media calls for a shot of the surface of the moon, it's nearly always at 0041′15″N, 2326′00″E: Tranquility Base.

The Apollo 11 moon landing is etched into our collective pop-culture memory, and with good reason; actually landing upon an extraterrestrial body and exploring it for the first time was arguably one of the greatest achievements of the human race, and it was broadcast on live television. It also helps to give a human connection to the scene, as well as livening up a scene that would otherwise consist entirely of grey rocks and more grey rocks. Of course, even if there -is- something else interesting on the moon in the work (like a moon base) many works will still find a way to work a Tranquility Base shot in somewhere.

The location is -always- supposed to be Tranquility Base, and not any of the six other landing sites: the flag raised by Armstrong and Aldrin is always present in the shot, and occasionally the plaque left behind upon the moon is shown.

Oftentimes will contain various glaring inaccuracies: two of the most frequent are having the Lunar Module's Ascent phase still connected (despite that section being what the astronauts used to return to the command module) or having a Lunar Roving Vehicle (commonly referred to in the vernacular as a 'moon buggy') present at the site, despite no LRV being deployed on the moon until Apollo 15.


  • Independence Day starts with a shot of an alien spacecraft passing the moon, from the point of view of Tranquility Base.
  • Futurama has an episode where Fry and Leela are stranded on the moon and take shelter in the Apollo 11 lander.
  • In Exosquad the story briefly has the Able Squad visit Tranquility Base.
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