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When Hollywood thinks it can do better than the real thing.... (Doesn`t it always?)
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Do We Have This One??

The scene is set with local colour (though it probably isn't filmed in the right city....or even country). But there is something funny going on with the that a hint of an American accent? Where have I seen that guy before?

Yes, Hollywood has a habit of faking things, even when it doesn't have to, and generally imports its own actors rather than go through the prolonged and expensive process of local casting.

Compare and contrast Fake Nationality and Reality Is Unrealistic



  • Everything is Illuminated, Elijah Wood plays a Jew, but more importantly, most of the Ukrainians were imported from America - though plenty originated from there, including the co-star and his band. (The band supplied some of the film's music and appeared in entirety on the station platform) Ukraine itself wasn't used much in the filming.
  • The Jackie Chan film The Medallion is nearly entirely set - and filmed - in Ireland but everyone is non-Irish - most of the actors are British. Strangely so are most of the characters; the villain is a Brit and the good guys are Interpol agents who (Chan excepted) are all British despite being based in Dublin.
  • Most of the cast of Slumdog Millionaire is from India, but the leading man, Dev Patel, is a British citizen of Indian descent. Director Simon Boyle auditioned hundreds of Indian actors, but found they were all "strong, handsome hero-types", while Patel was more boyish and vulnerable.
  • The first Stargate movie used Mexican actors for most of the Egyptian-descended characters on Ra's planet.
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