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Card And Tabletop Story
Any story that revolves around a card game or similarly non physical game as the main focus.
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Take a traditional sports story: a team of underdogs (usually), playing what they love and most likely win some kind of tournament. Remove the sports and put in a CardGame, TabletopGame or a strategy game and you have the average Card And Tabletop Story.

Not necessarily the plot of a whole series, as it can also be used as a variation/counterpart to the Baseball Episode.

Sports Story Tropes are popular in this genre, though to compensate for the lack of physical action the characters will usually be extremely dramatic when playing. Another common way to make the story more gripping is to introduce a real-life threat to the game itself, be it magical or gambling based.

See: Gaming Anime and Card Battle Game.

Needs: better title and better description (maybe).


  • The YA novel The Cardturner by Louis Sachar is all about Bridge.
  • Interstellar Pig is all about the fictional titular card game.

Live-Action Television
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon enters a card game tournament in order to take revenge on Wil Wheaton for a slight from years earlier. He has no interest in entering the tourney until he finds our Wheaton is in it too.

  • Knights of the South Bronx is about a teacher helping his students gain confidence by teaching them Chess and eventually getting them to play in a tournament.
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