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Hoist Hero Over Head

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Apply directly over the forehead.

A classic villain pose. To show that he has defeated the hero, the villain hoists him over his head.

As a pose, this has lots of benefits: It's visually compelling, it shows off the villain's strength, and it's a shocking way for the villain to brag about beating the hero, showcasing the hero's vulnerability. Think of it as shadow-Pieta Plagiarism-- instead of a loved one gentling cradling a fallen hero, an enemy is holding his conquest up for the world to see. The followup action is usually throwing him back down. Ouch.

This is also the standard position for preparing to toss the guy off something.

A step above the Neck Lift in terms of villainous posturing. Compare Load Bearing Hero and people lifting other things over their heads as a show of Super Strength.


  • Batman villain Bane does this a lot, but never more strikingly than in the "Knightfall" sotryline, when he hoists Batman over his head, and slams him down on his knee, breaking Batman's back.
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