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Right Epiphany, Wrong Time
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Alice is constantly being verbally harassed by Bob, and never does anything to stop him. Alice's friend, Carla, tells her repeatedly that she needs to stand up for herself, quit letting Bob push her around. Alice, naturally, ignores this.

Finally, something occurs (whether minor or not depends), and Alice finally decides to tell Bob off once and for all, to let him know that he's a horrible human being.

Unfortunately, right before Alice's rant, Bob just got bad news about his parents from home, so Alice's rant comes across more as bullying than growing a spine. She's had her epiphany, which is good; it just occurred at the wrong time, which is bad.

In short, this is when a character finally comes to their senses, just at the wrong time. Do We Have This One?? If not, Rolling Updates as they occur.


  • In an episode of American Dad!, Stan has been jumping through hoops to remain his boss's "Number One"; at the same time, he's been ignoring Francine and treating her like garbage. Near the end of the episode, he finally wises up and says "No" to Bullock; unfortunately, Bullock has just been shot in the leg by his wife. Even Francine admits "I'm glad you stood up to your boss, but he really needs help." However, Stan refuses to back down from his "No"...
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