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A Mook In The Limelight

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Being a mook is not easy. You are treated as a nobody, heroes will slaughter you without a second thought, and no one really gives a damn about you. Except when they do.

The inverse of What Measure Is a Mook? and related to Ascended Extra, this is when a usually faceless minor baddie becomes a major character in the story, complete with Story Arc and Character Development. Often, the character is used to examine how it feels to be treated as expendable and third-class by everyone.

Sometimes, this trope is justified with only select members of a mook species becoming sapient and self-aware. In this case, a Quest for Identity usually follows.

  • Final Fantasy IX does this to the series' iconic Black Mages, with Vivi as their party representative. Created as soulless dolls to serve Queen Brahne, many of them become self-aware and even flee to form their own village. Their story is based around trying to understand their sapience and the world around them, tying in with the game's central theme of what it means to live.
  • E-102 Gamma is an elite badnik made one of Sonic Adventure's six playable characters. Created in an environment where Dr. Eggman callously remodels and disposes of robots at a whim, Gamma begins to feel emotions after being sent to capture Amy's Flicky and seeing how determined she was to protect it, even if he believed it was worthless to her. Her kindness eventually motivates him to rescue the birds trapped inside his fellow robots, including himself.
  • Golem from Castlevania: Judgment. As a result of entering the time rift, the monster gains self-awareness and seeks a way to become human. In-game, he is treated as one of the villains and the heroes respond accordingly, even though he does not wish to fight.
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