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Simple Score Of Sadness
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Rolling Updates. Needs More Examples. Needs a Better Description. Possible titles so far include Simple Score of Sadness and Maudlin Music.
A soundtrack can be very useful for setting the scene. The style of music tells you what the mood's going to be, and awesome moments need booming soundtracks with lots of instruments making up the sound to be even more awesome.

But with depressing moments, it's the other way around: you only need a slow and soft melody with very few instruments to know that what's happening or has just happened is supposed to be a Tear Jerker - if not for the audience, then for the characters at least.

Subtropes include Nostalgic Musicbox, Lonely Piano Piece, Playing the Heart Strings and One-Woman Wail.


Anime and Manga
  • Naruto has lots of these, including the appropriately titled 'Sadness and Sorrow' from the original series, and 'Despair', 'Tragic' and 'Loneliness# from Naruto Shippuden.

Film - Animated
  • "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas is noticeably softer and simpler than the rest of the movie's soundtrack. In the song, Sally talks about how she's afraid Jack will never notice how she feels about him.

Film - Live Action

Live-Action TV
  • In a show that wasn't afraid to break out the electric guitar for fight scenes, it's worth noting that Buffy and Angel's love theme pretty much always sounds like this. Especially when Buffy has to send Angel to hell in order to save Earth.

Video Games

Western Animation
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