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Chokepoint Battle
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Do We Have This One?? Needs More Examples.

When a small group of heroes must battle against a seemingly overwhelming number of enemy Mooks, there are some times where the law of Conservation of Ninjutsu isn't enough to give you an advantage against the incoming horde, and you can't rely on Mook Chivalry to level the playing field either.

In situations like these, one viable strategy is to set up a Chokepoint Battle: Station your heroes behind some manner of narrow entry through which the enemy horde can only advance single file -- and start taking out the army one unit at a time.

  • In one of The Wizard of Oz books [editor's note: please figure out which one!], an army attempting to invade the Emerald City is thwarted by the residents opening front gates just a crack, and using a magical turnstile to transform the invaders into miniature tin soldiers as they enter through it one at a time.
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