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Designated Bullet
When a character has a specific bullet that they want to use on a specific target, for poetic revenge.
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"When a pirate's marooned, he's a given a pistol with a single shot. One shot. Well, that won't do much good hunting or to be rescued. But after three weeks of a starving belly and thirst, that pistol will start to look real friendly. But Jack escaped the island, and he still has that single shot. Oh, he won't use it, though, save on one man: His mutinous first mate."
Mr. Gibbs, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

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Bob has just betrayed Alice and left her for dead, or maybe Bob has killed Alice's whole family, or maybe Alice just really wants Bob to die, so much so that she'll throw in a bit of Poetic Justice and designate a special bullet to be used, just for Bob.

This trope is is about getting revenge, but it's not enough to simply get revenge. This is a special case. So special that not just any old bullet will do. No, the bullet Alice uses (or even the gun she uses) must be related to the reason Bob must die.

Bonus points if the bullet has the Bob's name inscribed. Not uncommon for Alice to craft the bullet from special materials as well.

Subtrope of It's Personal.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow, left marooned with a pistol and single shot to be used for suicide, somehow escaped that island and saved the bullet for Barbossa.
  • The Patriot: Mel Gibson melted down some lead soldiers to craft a special bullet for the bastard who killed his sons.
Live-Action TV
  • On Life, Charlie is shot, and when he recovers he asks for the remains of the bullet taken out of him. He then melts it down and molds it into another bullet, and shoots the man who shot him.
  • In the Septimus Heap series, there is a magical significance to a named bullet, and sooner or later it will always find its target. The catch, as one assassin finds out, is that this doesn't necessarily mean the target will be shot with it.
    • The way the bullet is named is important too. If the bullet was named 'I.P.', nothing stops it from killing Iona Pot (aka Alice Nettles) instead of the Infant Princess
Video Games
  • StarCraft 2: Jim kept a single round in his revolver for Mengsk. Subverted, since he ended up using the round on Tychus.
  • A lesser example, bandits in Borderlands sometimes shout "I've bin saving one for ya!" in a firefight.
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