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One-Handed Shotgun Pump
Badass characters chamber a round in their pump-action shotgun by holding by one hand by the pump and letting the shotgun's weight do the pumping.
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Rule of Cool way of chambering a shotgun. A character after firing releases the handle and holds the gun vertically by the pump handle. He then swings the gun and lets its weight work the pump, before leveling the gun and firing again. A variation involves a lever-action rifle, where the character does something similar but holds on to the lever only, letting the gun's recoil and weight cause the handle to pull itself.

Alternatively, it can be done prior to a fire fight, as part of a Lock and Load montage.

Needless to say, this is a bad idea IRL. Shotguns are designed around the idea that gravity will be pointing under the gun, not towards the back, and the pump handle aren't designed to support this kind of strain, which can lead the gun to jam or break. But Rule of Cool trumps that in the media.

Related to Gun Twirling, Unorthodox Reload and a subtrope of Dramatic Gun Cock. See also Gangsta Style for a similar Rule of Cool way to handle pistols.


  • Soldiers equipped with a shotgun in X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012 do this after each shot. They'll even do it with a scatter laser or an Alloy gun (A rail gun that fires a bunch of metal slivers).
  • The Movies gives this as an option in a shotgun firing scene.
  • The Real Trailer, Fake Movie for Hobo with a Shotgun ends with a bloody, naked hobo pumping his shotgun this way.
  • Cheech Marin's priest character in Machete does this with two shotguns simultaneously.
  • The Engineer from Team Fortress 2 does this with 2 shotguns in the "Mann vs Machine" Trailer.
  • The Hong Kong film Tiger on the Beat features an... elaborate version of this, a character attaches a string to his shotgun's pump handle and trigger, so he can fire it from cover, in what can best be described as a shotgun yo-yo.
  • Terminator 2
    • While the T-800 is riding his motorcycle and chasing John and the T-1000, he spins his weapon (lever-action) to reload it.
    • Sarah Connor does it at the end when shooting the T-1000 in the foundry, justified in that she's wounded in the other shoulder
  • North does this, then throws the gun to South, who shoots in season 9 of Red vs. Blue.
  • Fiona does this in the season 2 finale of Burn Notice.
  • Rick O'Connel does this in The Mummy. It's not even during a battle, he's just getting the gun ready stating, "I believe in being prepared."
  • The giant hand at the end of episode 5 of FLCL reloaded its giant shotgun one-handed.
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