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Begin With A Finisher
Someone uses their strongest attack almost as soon as a fight starts. Results vary.
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You have two characters with giant swords or any weapon you can think of, and lots of different powers, fighting each other for whatever reason. One of them decides to finish the fight as soon as it begins and unleashes their strongest attack on their opponent.

Huh. Well that was easy...

This is basically where you have a character use the strongest thing they know against their opponent immediately once they start fighting, obviously resulting in the other guy getting smashed into tiny little pieces. Video Games can have this if the player saves their best attack for an incoming boss battle, and then uses it straight away. In Anime, this results in one of the coolest things you'l ever see, or a complete failure to kill the opponent that may or may not include one of the most hilarious parts of the show. Unless it's played for drama.

Compare Curb-Stomp Battle, where the opponent doesn't really need to use their best attack all the time to kick someone out of the atmosphere. See also Alpha Strike. Subtrope of For Massive Damage. Related to The Worf Effect, The Worf Barrage. No Sell is what happens when any attack fails to work on the other guy.
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