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What Do You Mean It's Not For Little Girls
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So you find a new show and it has an all female cast, lots of pastel colors, and Tastes Like Diabetes levels of cuteness. And you think "this would be a perfect show for my eight-year-old sister."

And then you discover that the show airs at three AM and has a fandom that's mostly 16 to 40 year-old males who consider the girls to be lesbians. After the initial shock is over you start to wonder why any man would even consider watching a show like this. Well, it's because men like cute girls.

Though it's not to say that this show would be inappropriate for your little sister, it's just that it's not specifically intended for little girls to watch. If fact these kinds of shows often have a size-able female fanbase.

A subtrope of What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?. Not to be confused with a Subverted Kids Show which is meant for High Octane Nightmare Fuel or a show that is for little girls but has an older male fanbase.

See also Moe and Values Dissonance. Can be a problem if a Moral Guardian shows this to a child and it's a Yuri show. Compare with Multiple Demographic Appeal.


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