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If It Feels Good Do It
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A certain type of philosophy often espouses by characters with no apparent moral compass. The best kind of action for a character to engage in is pretty much whatever they feel like right at that minute. Other people really aren't important as regards these desires, so their feelings can be entirely disregarded.

In other words, a fancy way of saying "I wanna be selfish!" Often takes the form of a Might Makes Right argument.

  • In an episode of The Simpsons a self-help guru gets the entire town going on this motto. The whole thing falls apart at the festival celebrating this newfound freedom, the main catalyst being when a handyman decides he didn't "feel like" greasing the ferris wheel so it wouldn't fall off its hinges and go on a rampage.
  • The main theme of the Wanted Comic Book. The hero is happy when he becomes a supervillain and begins randomly insulting and murdering people at will. Oddly enough, the villain also believes thise exact same creed- he's frustrated that the current Masquerade prevents appropriately powerful supervillains from simply causing worldwide pandemonium.
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