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Stock Fantasy Meal
Fantasy meals consist of foods such as cheese, peasant bread, stew/broth and sausages.
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The protagonists in a fantasy novel stop for lunch. This lunch consists of simple, hearty food such as cheese, stew or broth, slices of thick, dark peasant bread and sausages.

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  • In the opening scene of They Call Me Trinity Trinity stops in a saloon and gets stew & bread (not sure about the cheese).

  • Andre Norton's Operation Time Search. While on a spying mission in Atlantis, Ray Osborne orders food at a tavern and is served a bowl of stew and a hunk of bread.
  • Mocked in The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, naturally.
  • Raymond E. Feist's Magician features this as the go-to meal at any inn.
  • David Eddings loved this trope, it shows up in just about all his books.
  • Comes up a few times in the Gor novels, always mentioning "yellow Sa-Tarna bread, hot out of the oven, baked round and cut into eight wedges."

Tabletop Games
  • Basic Dungeons & Dragons module B2 Keep on the Borderlands. The menu of the Traveler's Inn includes bread, soup, stew and cheese.

  • Houses in Oblivion usually have cheese, bread, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables strewn across the table. They aren't prepared in any specific way — there are full loaves of bread, full heads of lettuce, etc. It seems like nobody ever actually cooks, but just eats stock pieces of food. It might also be worth mentioning that this is a universe where putting cheese on bread would be considered "alchemy."

Real Life
  • In Britain, as well as some other parts of the world, this is known as a "ploughman's lunch".

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