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Good Boys Don't Hunt
Good boys refuse to kill animals.
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A kind, sensitive boy is pressured, usually by his father, into going on a hunting trip to prove that he's not a sissy.

A deer comes by and the boy lifts his rifle. The deer is in his crosshairs. His finger is on the trigger. What does he do? And what does this tell us about his character?

Bad or morally ambiguous characters will kill the animal without hesitation. A nice boy will refuse to kill the animal. If the boy kills the animal but only after hesitating and shedding a few tears, then it might show that the boy is nice but has a dark side. This is often shown as a villain's Start of Darkness.


  • Zig-Zagged in Fullmetal Alchemist. Stranded on an island, Edward and Alphonse are forced to hunt for food. At first, they are reluctant to kill a rabbit they find. They eventually learn that killing and eating animals is a part of the cycle of life and they kill their next rabbit. However, they still apologize to it first.

  • Catman, a supervillain/Anti-Hero from DC's Secret Six series was forced by his father to kill a bound lion. He refuses but eventually ends up killing his own father after watching him kill his mother.

Live Action TV
  • In The Brothers Garcia, the boys and their father are pressured into a hunting trip with their friend and his father after the boys lie that they had killed an elk. When Mr. Garcia gets the chance to kill a turkey, he hesitates and the turkey gets away. The boys find out their friend is not the manly hunter he claimed to be and, together, they fake the death of the turkey they were chasing to save its life.

Western Animation
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup gets the chance to kill a legendary, one of a kind dragon but lets it go. He eventually befriends the dragon and creates an alliance between them and his village.
  • In Legend Of Korra, Tarrlok and his brother Noatak are taken on "hunting trips" by their father, who trains them in the forbidden art of bloodbending. Tarrlok refuses to practice on a pack of wolves but Noatak is less reluctant.
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