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Humble Title, Higher Purpose
A person in a position of respect which has a humble name.
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Who is that? They stride in with an air of confidence and competence, all bow and show respect as they pass, they must be someone of great importance and power. Something needs doing obviously, and this person has obviously been summoned to do something Brilliant.

"Oh him? He is The Janitor!"

No, not That Janitor, although he may have inherited his position from one. This individual is someone who holds a position of great power and respect but said position bears a name which the viewer is expected to see as humble or mundane, often as the result of the original meaning of the term being either lost to History or lost in Translation. Perhaps they inherited the title After the End when during the Apocalypse the skills from a mundane profession became suddenly in-demand, or they introduced themselves by their profession to others who don't know what that profession is and they got the wrong idea.

May overlap with The Guild.


  • In Xenozoic Tales Jack Tenhrec is a well-respected wilderness guide, adventurer, and go-to-guy for any major problems up to and including Dinosaur Stampedes. Jack Tenhrec is a Mechanic.

  • In Ben10, an organization of interplanetary police are called Plumbers.

  • The Doctor starts bringing this upon himself by introducing himself to everyone he meets while gallivanting about all of Time and Space as The Doctor and then going and doing pretty-much Everything you wouldn't expect a Doctor to do.

  • Desert Punk: The titular character is a mercenary of some renown, he and most of his associates in the same profession are members of the Handyman Guild.
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