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Invisible Neck
a character has a torso and a head but somehow their neck is nowhere to be found
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Too Rare to Trope? perhaps
the picture, is what it is, hope that helps.

A Bizarre subtrope of Raymanian Limbs, which is itself a subtrope of Invisible Anatomy. The meat and bones of this trope is that for whatever reason, a person has a torso and a head that are still some how connected resulting in a head that appears to float on a invisible neck.


  • One of Dr. Strange's enemies, the Dread Dormammu, has a burning coal of a head, floating above his shoulders, with nary a neck to be seen.


Table Top Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Lumi's are outsiders who cannot be flanked, are immune to vorpal swords, strangulation, and suffocation. because their head isn't connected to their torso.

Web Comics

Western Animation
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