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"Fall-And-Catch" Trust Exercise
I fall, and you catch me.
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Seriously folks, How Did We Miss This One?. Is it because it might not be tropeable? Irregardless, in the name of science and literature, we must TROPEATIZE THIS AT ONCE. But first, we must give it a better description and a more catchy title. And give it more examples, pl0x.

A common trust exercise in fiction (and, probably, in real life) involves two individuals. One stands behind the other, and the person in front falls backwards expecting the person behind them to catch them. Often it is comically subverted when the person falls backwards to hit the floor, and the person behind them:


Newspaper Comics
  • In the September 10, 1996 strip of Dilbert, during an Employee Trust seminar, the Pointy-Haired Boss falls forwards to hit the floor.

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