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Because I Was Ashamed

A character gave a reason to justify something the character didn't do.

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So, a character is asked about why he/she didn't do something like seeing his/her closest relatives, or why he/she didn't told that he/she had cheated on someone. The reason he/she gives:

Because I was ashamed.

This is a common part in fiction and Real Life. A character sometimes can't admit himself/herself to do or say something.

It's also one of the common reasons that tend to be part of lots of Character Development situations or someone's personality in denial or conflict.

Comic Books
  • In the Don Rosa story A Letter From Home, ScroogeMcDuck admits to his sister Matilda that the reason he didn't came back to Duckburg for years to see his sisters (check the 11th chapter of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck) was because he was ashamed to face them due to the evil deed he did in said chapter.
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