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Marry The Nanny
When a single parent enters a romantic relationship with a parent figure for their children.
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Not all parents are married to the other parent of their children. Some are not married at all. They might not have been married in the first place, they might have gotten divorced, or they might be widowed. In real life, this is a relatively uncommon situation, and has many different outcomes. In fiction, however, it is far more common than it should be, and has only one suitable resolution: marry the nanny. Or the teacher. Or the housekeeper. Writers abhor single parents, it seems, and getting them married with other people who already act as parental figures to their children is the neatest way of fixing this.

Usually, children do not object to this, like they do with other love interests of their parents. They might even be the ones who try to make it happen in the first place, becoming shippers on deck. A Temporary Love Interest might get involved to make either side realize they share more than a mutual love for the children.


Anime and Manga
  • Part two if Sweet Guilty Love Bites largely revolves around Mayu trying to convince Nina, a single mom, that she can become a good substitute parent to Nina's daughter (in addition to being Nina's own lover).

  • The Sound of Music has the lively nun Maria, who comes to the home of Captain Von Trapp to be governess to his seven children. She was kind to them and brought music back into the household. This caused him to begin to fall in love with Maria and they soon married.
  • In Nanny McPhee it's the scullery maid that Mr. Brown marries. Evangeline did settle fights between the children and took the time to listen to them before the nanny got there.

  • In the classic novel Jane Eyre, the title character is initially hired as a governess by the man she eventually marries.

Live Action TV
  • Who's The Boss?, possibly the Trope Maker in live action TV. Angela was more a mother figure for Samantha than Tony was for Jonathan, despite Tony being the housekeeper hired by Angela, but the dynamic was still there.
  • The Nanny is likely the Trope Codifier, with the Unresolved Sexual Tension between Mr. Sheffield and Fran driving the majority of the series, which ended a single season after they finally got married.
  • In Gilmore Girls, while Lorelai has a number of love interests throughout the show, the first one is one of Rory's teachers, while the Official Couple is her and Luke, the closest thing Rory has to an actual father figure, even more than her biological father.
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