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Gordon is Batman's Hero
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Sometimes incredibly cool badass heroic figures have heros of their own. Often these heros are actually more mundane then they are. A special forces soldier may admire an actor who played a special forces soldier in a movie which he enjoyed as a child. A Superhero may be inspired more then anything by ordinary citizens who do as much good as they can without the help of special powers.



In The Dark Knight Rises it's revealed that Jim Gordon isn't just Batman's friend and ally, from the moment in Batman Begins when Gordon tried to comfort Bruce Wayne when his parents died, Jim was Bruce's personal Hero

Western Animation

In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Beware of the Grey Ghost" Batman reveals that his hero growing up was a fictional crime fighter known as The Grey Ghost. Batman retains a similar respect for the actor who played him.

Real Life

Many astronauts are huge fans of Star Trek and have a deep admiration for the fictional characters and actors who played them. Patrick Stewart commented on this irony at the Philadelphia Comic Con.

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