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Start Game Game Over

A really, REALLY fast game over

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Mr Initial Man, if you change your mind and want this back at any point, feel free. -- DracMonster

Launching 1/28 around noon EST

Tentative launch title: Press Start to Game Over

Rolling Updates
Two minutes into the game and you're already dead! Is there something in your family tree that causes dysfunctional locomotion?

A specialized intersection of The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard and Non Standard Game Over, these are games that can be lost on the very first turn or two, or very shortly after you begin a level.

This can be deliberate through a Kaizo Trap, Schmuck Bait like a suicidal dialogue option or Press X to Die, or an "Impossible" difficulty level. It can also be accidental, due to an Incredibly Obvious Bug, bad starting positions in Randomly Generated Levels, or simply Unwinnable by Insanity, by doing something the designers never accounted for.

Extremely contrived stupidity such as deliberately refusing to jump or steer your vehicle doesn't count unless a special Have a Nice Death was explicitly programmed for it. In the same vein, Unwinnable by Design user-created content should not be included unless some effort went into making it funny or interesting.


Video Games
  • Stuart Ashen has two separate videos on the subject.
  • Karateka: At the beginning, get into a fighting stance, then stand back up. You fall off the ledge. Game over.
  • In NetHack it's possible to die on your first turn. There's even a special message for it: "Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 zorkmids."
  • Slouching Towards Bedlam lets you jump out the window as your first command.
  • In the Kongregate Game Don't Shit Your Pants, you normally type in "play" to start the game. But instead, you can type "shit" to immediately soil yourself. There's an achievement for that.
  • In Super Paper Mario, repeatedly declining Merlon's offer at the start of the game will result in a Non Standard Game Over.
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla has one where if you attack your brother in the first mission, you get a game over screen complete with "WTF, you killed your Brother!?!?!?!?!"
  • In Suspended, selecting the Impossible difficulty level causes the sun to go nova a few turns in, destroying the planet.
  • In Kaizo Mario World 2, you begin the game at the introduction screen with a Thwomp bearing down.
  • In the original Wing Commander, when you started the game, you immediately, and without warning, found yourself in the cockpit of a starfighter, with cheezy arcade-style music playing. No matter what you did, you died within seconds, only for the game to reveal that this was your character messing around in the flight simulator.
  • In Grand Chase, one PVP map has a layout where, if you're unlucky enough to be in a certain position, you lose a life immediately after spawning. (You still have 4 lives, but you're at a serious disadvantage.)
  • In King's Quest I, it's not unusual to die by falling into the moat on the first screen because you can't navigate the small, wooden bridge properly while adjusting to the controls.
  • Pretty much everyone who tries Don't Shoot The Puppy for the first time is going to Shoot the Dog almost instantly.
  • In Jet Set Willy 2, most first-time players inspect the toilet they start right next to, and promptly find themselves Down the Drain in an inescapable Death Trap.
  • Subverted in Bastion. If you fall off the path in the opening level the Lemony Narrator will say "...and then he fell to his death....only foolin'" before The Kid lands nearby and takes damage from the fall as would happen at every other point in the game.

All Others
  • In chess, the Fool's mate ends the game in two moves, the Scholar's mate in four.
  • The Dungeons & Dragons module Tomb of Horrors places its first inescapable Death Trap at the entrance door, so a lot of parties die by TPK before they even manage to enter the dungeon.
  • In Traveller, character generation is done in stages. The first part of each stage is rolling to see if your character is still alive. Yep, your character can die before the game even starts.
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