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First Victim Showboating
The first victim of an alien invasion/monster/whatever will be very vividly killed to show off how it does things.
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So you've got some aliens or a monster, and they've got a particularly cool or violent means of killing off people, so why not show it off?

This is where the first victim of an alien attack or a monster, usually a random innocent bystander but occasionally a more prominent character, is very vividly killed, usually with complete focus by the camera with the intent of showcasing the alien weapon or, if anything, the special effects, in the most detailed way possible. May overlap with Shoot the Money.


  • The trailer for the upcoming invasion movie, The Darkest Hour, prominently features a Russian police officer tentatively poking his baton at the alien energy lifeforms, before the energy creature suddenly and messily disintegrates him.
  • General Casey in Mars Attacks!! is the first victim to be zapped with the Martian Ray Guns, his flesh prominently and slowly burning off in colorful red smoke, leaving his brightly colored skeleton behind.
  • Not the first victim persay, but very shortly into the Tripods' opening attack in Stephen Spielberg's War of the Worlds, the camera briefly focuses on a fleeing woman, before the alien heat ray hits her, turning her to ash in the most graphic of such shots in the film.

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