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Goddamned Level

A level that isn't hard, but tedious.

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There are levels that earn a notoriety for being really, really hard. That is That One Level. However, some levels become notorious, not for being difficult, but for being tedious and unfun to play.

See also Goddamned Boss, which is the same concept applied to a boss fight.

[[Folder: First Person Shooter]] Half-Life has one: Xen. The whole crux of it. You just went through going through Black Mesa, fighting for your life against an alien invasion and a military clean up battalion. What are you treated with? Platformer hell. The Blast Pit level in Black Mesa. Repetitive design, unintuitive puzzles, and a near-total dearth of supplies just makes it a completely unenjoyable level between two excellent ones. Same can apply to the original Blast Pit as well. Also On a Rail in the original. Bland scenery with an uninteresting gimmick that stretches on forever. The Black Mesa mod removes almost all of it, and it's vastly improved for it.

[[Folder: Platform Game]] Super Paper Mario has 2-3. You have to play out extremely long, unbearably boring minigames to run up 1,000,000 Rubees to pay for a vase. Even though you really only need about 10,000 (the rest can be found once you've got that), it takes forever and a year just to get that much, and if a player does not talk to people much, then it is theoretically possible to go for the full million. Thankfully, every bit of that minigame work can be skipped over if you just hop on the Internet and figure out how to get the hidden stash of them without worrying about paying NP Cs to tell you.

[[Folder: Puzzle Games]] All of the Tame levels in Oh No More Lemmings. They are extremely easy to solve and there are no traps or hazards to kill the Lemmings (unless you go out of your way to kill them). In a sense it's easier than the original's Fun rating (and less fun too).
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  • April 11, 2013
    I think this is already covered by That One Level. Difficulty isn't a requirement for that trope, and two of the three examples you've got here are scrappy mechanics that fall under That One Level.
  • April 11, 2013
    Agreed, this is That One Level or That One Sidequest. A tedium example that's already on TOL there would be the Hub plot in X3: Terran Conflict.

    But, I can see how you might've missed them: Goddamned Boss doesn't link to either, which I will fix in a couple minutes.

    EDIT: And done.
  • April 11, 2013
    As the previous commenters pointed out, we have this covered. Plus, we really don't need any more Complaining About Games You Don't Like...
  • April 11, 2013
    If we don't have a wikipage/essay on the subject of Stop Complaining Already, maybe we should....
  • April 11, 2013
    Complaining About Shows You Dont Like pretty much got it covered, I think. :)
  • April 11, 2013
    And if it's really an Administrivia page, it needs some serious polishing up. Not treating it as TV show specific, cover the YKTTW angle, move to Administrivia namespace, give it some handy redirects....
  • April 12, 2013
    ^^ Agreed, and this seems like it'd be YMMV.
  • April 12, 2013
    That One Level is about difficulty. If you see it being used otherwise, it's misuse. (Someone tried to change the definition without a consensus.)

    That said, this is unnecessary.
  • June 2, 2013
    Well, if That One Level is entirely about difficulty, then I think this trope would be valid. If That One Level can be used to cover other types of annoying levels as well, then this one might not be necessary. But we shouldn't disallow examples relating to how tedious but not difficult the level is if we don't have a trope for them.