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Benevolent Mage Ruler
An benevolent ruler with magic powers.
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When a sorcerer gains enough knowledge of magic, Alchemy, Elemental Powers, or the the innermost workings of magic. Sometimes he may use his powers to Take Over the World. This is not that trope.

The Benevolent Mage Ruler (Refereed to for the rest of the article as a Sorcerer King,) is a ruler of a a good Kingdom.

The Sorcerer King will usually rule over Fantasy settings. Often in charge of one of two warring factions; his kingdom and an evil empire.

Note that female examples also exist, they are the Sorceress Queens.

This sometimes overlaps with Emperor Scientist, especially where Clarke's Third Law, Alchemy Is Magic, and/or Magitek is in this setting. But this trope is different as while the Emperor Scientist focuses on the sciences (and is usually evil or Mad). This character type is more in tune with the art of magic (and is usually good). This also overlaps with The Good King, The High Queen, The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask, Princesses Rule and She Is the King.

Compare Emperor Scientist and Magocracy, the sci-fi and Vast Bureaucracy counterparts, and Authority Equals Asskicking or Asskicking Equals Authority depending on how he became King or Queen in the first place. Contrast Sorcerous Overlord.

When adding wicks to this trope on work pages, Please use the Wiki Words Sorcerer King (if male), Sorcerer Queen, Sorceress Queen (if female) Or Sorceress King (if She Is the King)



[[folder: Anime And Manga]]
  • Clow Reed from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle was the world's most powerful sorcerer who ruled over Clow Country. As it turns out, though, he wasn't the original ruler due to time-travel mess-ups.

[[folder: Comic Books]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Film]]
  • Glinda in Oz: The Great and Powerful after Oscar wins her kingdom back. Her father was also a powerful wizard. Oscar is not, but he uses his technical knowledge and stage magic to create this impression.

[[folder: Literature]]
  • Paul Atreides and his son Leto II in Dune. Though how "good" they are is debatable, considering how many billions died during the jihads of Paul's Fremen and how Leto played tyrant in order to get people to leave the stagnant core worlds and scatter throughout the universe. They have the ability of prescience and conscious control over their bodies to an improbable level. And of course Leto II merged with a sandworm and became the Trope Namer for God Emperor.
  • Jonathan IV of Conte becomes king of Tortall in the fourth book of Song of the Lioness, Lioness Rampant. Jon was born with magic and uses it throughout the series, most notable when Duke Roger threatens the kingdom, Jonathan uses the Dominion Jewel, brought to him by Alanna, to counteract Roger's spells.
  • In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, several Supreme Chancellors of the Galactic Republic were also Jedi Knights. In fact, there was a 400 year period when the Republic was ruled by only Jedi chancellors. All of them were this trope, and the Republic lived another thousand years because of their leadership.
  • Princess Ozma is a good and magical ruler of a fairyland.
  • The Dragon Knight is a baron who's also a magician (albeit a low-level one, since being a feudal lord means he can't dedicate his life to magecraft).
  • The Farseer dynasty in Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings saga are psychically gifted with a variety of powers. Whether they fall here or under Sorcerous Overlord depends on the monarch: Kings Shrewd and Verity are definite examples of The Good King, while Regal is a prejudiced asshole and part of the first trilogy's Big Bad Ensemble.
  • The backstory of the Heralds of Valdemar books features the conflict between reluctant leader Urtho, the Mage of Silence, and would-be world conqueror Ma'ar... along with it's world-shattering aftermath.

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
  • Warhammer 40,000: The God Emperor of Mankind, among other things, was considered the greatest psyker (The series' term for psychics and sorcerers) of all time, capable of bending the fabric of reality and destroying much. His power was considered godlike, despite his insistence otherwise.
  • King Gareth Dragonsbane of Damara in the Forgotten Realms is an epic-level paladin and cleric of Ilmater. His magics are divinely given and tied to him remaining Lawful Good, and in the course of gaining the throne he helped drive out an occupying army from neighboring Vaasa's Sorcerous Overlord.

[[folder: Video Games]]
  • Lord British in the Ultima series is an extremely powerful (if aging) magician and a benevolent ruler of the land named after him, Britannia.
  • Apostle Sanaki, Empress of Begnion, in Fire Emblem Tellius. Not seen in Path of Radiance but in Radiant Dawn she is a mage type class capable of using all classes of magic. Micaiah also once she becomes queen of Deain. She's also Sanaki's elder sister and the true heir of the Begnion, but decides against taking it.
  • Jieun of Dandelion grows into this in the Happily Ever After "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue. In the game proper, he's merely a Sorcerer Wise Prince.
  • In the WarCraft universe the High Elves of Quel'Thalas were ruled by the Sunstrider dynasty, all powerful mages, until Keal'Thas went off the deep end.
    • Jaina Proudmoore while she was the ruler of Theramore.

[[folder: Web Original]]
  • In the Web Serial Flight of the Godkin Griffin Shraeven, a newly conquered province of the Godkindred Kingdom that still considers itself a country, has nobility who are chosen by the gods instead of by bloodline, indicated by markings on their body and wielding of Elemental Magic as gods are the sole source of magic in this setting. Angharad, the new governor of Shraeven looks like she is being set up to make Shraeven independent and be their new queen as god after god marks her. But after destroying the physical form of the Godkindred's God Emperor she gives rulership of Shraeven to her "native guide" (and lover) Ragna, and becomes Priest-Sorcerer-Queen of the Godkindred instead.

[[folder: Western Animation]] [[/folder]]
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