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Instrument of Power
A magical musical instrument, whose powers can be used by playing it.
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A Plot Device or Improbable Weapon in the form of a musical instrument, whose power can be used by playing it. This type of weapon can possibly but isn't limited to being an Instrument of Murder. Such an intrument is bound to have magical abilities, or else it would be an ordinary instrument.

Instruments of Power can also be Plot Device's or MacGuffin if the plot is surrounded by them. Plots surrounding the Instrument of Power can make them turn into a Sound Stone , and involve either collecting them all or trying to beat the Big Bad to it to prevent The End of the World as We Know It.

Related to Magic Music. Compare Songs in the Key of Lock.


Fan Works
  • In PMD-Explorers there are magical instruments that have a different ability, each one representing one of the 17 types. Each instrument can either be used to control Pokémon of their element or can can attack with the element of the instrument. If the instrument decides you're compatible or not...

  • Chronicles of Prydain series. At the end of The Castle of Llyr Eilonwy gives Taran a silver-bound battle horn from Caer Colur. In Taran Wanderer the dwarf Doli identifies it as the work of the Fair Folk, with the ability to summon them if the correct notes are played upon it.
  • Soul Music contains perhaps the most extreme example of all, wherein the protagonist chances upon a pawnshop full of unusual pawned instruments, and buys the guitar that was used to create the universe. It brings him immediate fame and success, but nearly drives him to an untimely death (its owners are compelled to live fast and die young).
  • Non-magical example: In Foundation and Empire, the Mule can naturally control people by manipulating their emotions, but he can amplify this power greatly (to more intensely control one person, or to control a large number at once) by playing an instrument called a Visi-Sonor.

Myth And Legend

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons has had a vast number of magical musical instruments over the years, everything from the Horn of Blasting to the various bardic string instruments (Canaith Mandolin, Cli Lyre, Anstruth Harp etc.).

Video Games

Western Animation
  • In Don Bluth's Rock-A-Doodle, the Duke plays an electrified pipe organ that generates rainclouds which block out the sun.
  • In Shrek Forever After, The Pied Piper (see the Myth and Legend section of this page) appears. His pipe is adjustable to work on a variety of creatures, including ogres.

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