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Mask of Confidence
Just an entirely unremarkable and normal mask, but it works anyway
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Mask of Power needn't be magical: all it needs to do is to cover your face. The symbolism noted under that trope, of taking a new face and thus becoming a new person, works especially strong here, and there is no magical effect involved whatsoever: the wearer becomes more powerful and confident simply because of the psychological effect.

Always a Cool Mask by default. Compare Beneath the Mask and Magic Feather. Split Personality, Secret Identity Identity, and What You Are in the Dark are often related.


Anime and Manga
  • In One Piece, after leaving the Straw Hat Crew, Usopp develops an alternate identity of Sogeking, so that he might still help to save his companion without betraying his true identity to the rest of the crew and let them know that he did not leave (it doesn't work, but that's beside the point). The mask included in the costume is nothing but a common carnival souvenir, but "Sogeking" is drawn out once again in a future battle, and grants Usopp enough confidence to win.
  • Mamoru in Soukyuu No Fafner wears a Goubain mask when piloting his Fafner, which makes him act more Hot-Blooded.


  • Walter Plinge, the Phantom in Discworld book Maskerade, is not suspected of what he is because without the mask he is acting like an altogether different person.
  • The hunters' warpaint in Lord of the Flies.

  • The Benny Hill Show, "In Boutique Mask Dance." Benny goes to a mask boutique, tries to flirt with the shopgirl who rejects him. He puts a handsome mask on and she's falling all over herself, but he plays hard to get. Then he takes the mask off momentarily and puts it back on, but puts on a female mask by mistake, so now the shopgirl doesn't care for him. He's confused. Then a man enters the shop, sees this beautiful girl (Benny) and tries to woo her.

  • People are known to act as a much less 'filtered' and 'conformed' version of themselves when wearing a mask of some sort.

  • Flipside: Maytag is outgoing and freethinking when in her jester outfit, and extremely shy and neurotic without it.
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