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Raining Cats And Dogs
Animals falling from the sky.
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Animals fall from the sky, whether by magical means, a freak weather event, by catapult, or simply due to Rule of Funny.

Sometimes imagined by a Literal-Minded person who hears someone using the trope-naming phrase to describe bad weather.

Not necessary for Drop the Cow, though as the name implies it's a very popular way of doing it. Unlike It's Raining Men, the animals usually aren't doing this as a means of aerial insertion into combat.

  • The Bible: One of the Ten Plagues of Egypt was a rain of frogs.
  • Magnolia echoes the biblical scene with a paradoxical rain of frogs at the climax of the film.
  • Truth in Television: Rains of fish have been known to happen when they're swept from the water by a tornado.
  • Sieges both real and fictional have seen animals thrown by catapult (often rotting ones, both to spread disease and to avoid giving the starving enemy free food).
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